Source: The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

Wondrous Item, Legendary (Requires Attunement by Mister Witch or His Handpicked Successor)

This ornate pocket watch is fastened to the end of a gold chain. It glows with a faint golden light when opened, and it makes a soft ticking noise that can be heard only by the creature holding it. The face of the watch shows a miniature painting of the Witchlight Carnival ringed by a tiny henge, orbited at night by a mote of light small enough to slip through the eye of a needle. This light causes the henge to cast shadows, and these shadows allow the watch's owner to track the passage of time.

Carnival Setup and Takedown. The creature attuned to the watch can use an action to initiate the packing up or the unpacking of the Witchlight Carnival, provided the creature and the carnival are on the same plane of existence. In the span of 1 hour, all objects that are elements of the carnival are magically whisked about until everything is packed up and ready for travel, or unpacked and assembled. The watch has no effect on creatures, which can move about freely and safely while the carnival is being set up or taken down. Once the process of packing up or unpacking the carnival begins, it can't be stopped until the task is complete. When the watch is used to pack up or unpack the carnival, this property cannot be used again until 8 hours have elapsed.

Additional Properties. The pocket watch has the following additional properties:

  • While carrying the watch, the creature attuned to it can cast the Fire Bolt, Invisibility, or Message spell as an action, requiring no spell components and using Intelligence as the spellcasting ability. After the watch's Invisibility spell is cast, roll a d8; on a roll of 3 or 8, the watch can't be used to cast this spell again until the next dawn.
  • The creature attuned to the watch gains 30 pounds. This extra weight vanishes when the attunement ends.
  • The creature attuned to the watch must eat and drink eight times the normal amount each day.