Source: Critical Role

Weapon (hand crossbow), ??? (requires attunement)

The Tinkertop Bolt Blaster 1000 is a prototype crossbow invented by Cleff Tinkertop of the city of Hupperdook. It is a hand-cranked crossbow and is a combination of gnomish clockwork and some unknown magic. It has a number of functions, and given the history of its creator, Cleff Tinkertop, and the weapon's prototypical nature, it has the possibility for catastrophic failure.

The Tinkertop Bolt Blaster 1000 has the following properties:

  • +1 to attack and damage rolls
  • On a natural 20: immediately fires a second bolt
  • On a natural 1, the blaster misfires a bolt in the direction of the user (1d6 piercing damage to the wielder)