Source: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Wondrous item (tattoo), rarity varies

Produced by a special needle, this magic tattoo contains a single spell of up to 5th level, wrought on your skin by a magic needle. To use the tattoo, you must hold the needle against your skin and speak the command word. The needle turns into ink that becomes the tattoo, which appears on the skin in whatever design you like. Once the tattoo is there, you can cast its spell, requiring no material components. The tattoo glows faintly while you cast the spell and for the spell's duration. Once the spell ends, the tattoo vanishes from your skin.

The level of the spell in the tattoo determines the spell's saving throw DC, attack bonus, spellcasting ability modifier, and the tattoo's rarity, as shown in the Spellwrought Tattoo table.

Spellwrought Tattoo
Spell Level Rarity Spellcasting Ability Modifier Save DC Attack Bonus
Cantrip Common +3 13 +5
1st Common +3 13 +5
2nd Uncommon +3 13 +5
3rd Uncommon +4 15 +7
4th Rare +4 15 +7
5th Rare +5 17 +9