Source: Curse of Strahd

Weapon (mace), rare (requires attunement)

Saint Markovia's thighbone has the properties of a Mace of Disruption. If it scores one or more hits against a vampire or a vampire spawn in the course of a single battle, the thighbone crumbles into dust once the battle concludes.

As a youth, Markovia followed her heart and became a priest of the Morninglord soon after her eighteenth birthday. She proved to be a charismatic proselytizer and, before the age of thirty, had gained a reputation for allowing no evil to stand before her.

Markovia had long considered Strahd a mad tyrant, but only after his transformation into a vampire did she dare to challenge him. As she rallied her followers and prepared to march on Castle Ravenloft, Strahd sent a group of vampire spawn to her abbey. They confronted Markovia and were destroyed to a one.

Suffused with confidence born of righteous victory, Markovia advanced on Castle Ravenloft. A great battle raged from the catacombs to the parapets. In the end, Markovia never returned to Barovia, and Strahd long afterward walked with a limp and a grimace of pain. It is said that he trapped Markovia in a crypt beneath his castle, and her remains linger there yet.

The essence of Markovia's saintliness passed partly into her bones as the rest of her body decomposed. Her remaining thighbone is imbued with power that inflicts grievous injury on the undead.