Source: Candlekeep Mysteries

Wondrous item, ???

Carved from an ogre's petrified heart, the gray figurine depicts the Demon Prince of Undeath in ghastly detail, clutching his skull-topped wand in one hand and three severed heads by the hair in the other. The figurine smells like decaying flesh, and this scent is detectable out to a range of 5 feet.

The figurine is a Tiny object with AC 17, 3 hit points, and immunity to all types of damage except radiant damage. A Detect Evil and Good spell or similar magic reveals that the figurine has been desecrated. As long as it has at least 1 hit point, the figurine has the following magical properties:

  • Undead within 30 feet of the figurine can't be turned.
  • Dead creatures within 30 feet of the figurine can't be brought back to life.
  • A creature that holds the figurine while praying to Orcus for at least 1 hour has a 10 percent chance of summoning a smokey avatar of the demon lord. Once this avatar is summoned, it can't be summoned again for 30 days. Orcus's avatar has the statistics of a wraith except that it's chaotic evil. It attacks all non-undead creatures it encounters, and it disappears after 1 hour or when reduced to 0 hit points.