Source: Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

Wondrous Item, Legendary (Requires Attunement)

Roiling green mist fills this glass orb, which the exiled Strixhaven mage Murgaxor once used in foul magical experiments. Murgaxor's spirit has infused the orb, which he uses to spread a terrible curse among Strixhaven's students.

Sentience. Murgaxor's orb is a sentient, chaotic evil magic item with the following properties:

  • The orb has an Intelligence of 20, a Wisdom of 16, and a Charisma of 16, as well as hearing and darkvision out to a range of 30 feet.
  • The orb can speak, read, and understand Common, and it can communicate telepathically with any creature touching it.
  • At any time during your turn, the orb can cast the Suggestion spell (save DC 17), targeting you or one other creature that touched the orb within the last 24 hours. This isn't a power of the orb that you control.

Curse. Any Humanoid you touch while holding the orb must succeed on a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw or become cursed. Each creature cursed by the orb bears an echo of Murgaxor's hateful thoughts, and that creature suffers from headaches that are persistent but not debilitating until the curse ends. On your turn, the orb can use an action to produce one of the following effects, targeting one or more creatures it has cursed:

  • Unconsciousness. The cursed creature falls unconscious for 1 hour. The creature is roused if it takes damage or someone uses an action to shake or slap it awake.
  • Visions of Terror. The cursed creature sees terrifying visions, causing it to view all creatures that aren't also cursed as dangerous monsters for 10 minutes. The cursed creature must use its action each round to make one attack against the nearest non-cursed creature. If the cursed creature has multiple possible targets, it attacks one at random. This effect ends if the cursed creature is incapacitated.

After either of these effects ends, the affected creature is no longer cursed. The curse can also be removed from a creature with a Remove Curse spell or similar magic. All cases of the curse end if Murgaxor's orb is destroyed.

Magical Signature. As a side effect of the orb's curse, the spell Detect Magic reveals an aura of enchantment surrounding creatures bearing the curse. This aura is distinctive, but in a way Detect Magic offers no further details about.

Destroying the Orb. Murgaxor's orb has AC 18; 20 hit points; immunity to necrotic, poison, and psychic damage; and resistance to all other types of damage. If reduced to 0 hit points, the orb shatters.