Source: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Weapon (greatsword), rare

An executioner’s blade from the Age of Arcanum, this magic greatsword is one of many similar weapons once used to execute magic wielding criminals. Though most commonly found in the lands now known as Wildemount and Issylra, a few such blades have found their way to Tal’Dorei.

If you hit a creature with an attack using this weapon, you can cast the Dispel Magic spell from the sword against the target as part of the attack. Alternatively, you can use an action to cast Dispel Magic from the sword against a target of your choice. If you need to make a check with your spellcasting ability modifier as part of casting the spell, you make this check with a +3 modifier or your own spellcasting ability modifier, whichever is higher.

Once you cast Dispel Magic using this weapon, you can’t do so again until the next dawn.