Source: Critical Role

Wondrous item, ??? (requires attunement)

The Maelstrom Gloves are heavy gloves that stop beneath the fingers, having gauntlet plates above the guard. Metal studs are set across each knuckle and organized across the back of the hand, where the electrical charge is gathered. They end at the wrist.

When activated at the start of a turn, the gloves give +1 to unarmed attack and damage rolls, and can channel atmospheric electricity through them extending the wearer's reach to 20 feet for one minute. Attacks made at range beyond the user's typical melee range deal lightning damage instead of bludgeoning damage. Once the minute-long effect has ended, the lightning charge remains if it has not been expended, causing 6d6 additional lightning damage on a hit. It cannot be used again until the user has completed a long rest.