Source: Critical Role

Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

The reunited and reforged sword is long and thick, having a broadsword blade length, with runes and a groove down the center (likely a fuller). The metal is silver with a slight blue shimmer, akin to the coloration of iceflex. Where the break once was, the lines are still there, continued to give a marbled look to the blade. The blade’s appearance has been compared to that of water.

This longsword is a Vestige of Divergence. Its dormant features are unknown.

Awakened. When awakened, Dwueth’var has the following properties:

  • Dwueth'var is a +1 longsword (+2 when glowing).
  • The sword has two charges which can be expended to cast See Invisibility, and Faerie Fire (DC 15) one time per day each.
  • A bonus action can be used to light the sword up using the command word "galas'var", producing a glow like blue torchlight in a 20-foot radius. Any creature that hits the wielder while the sword is glowing takes 1d8 radiant damage.

Exalted. Once exalted, Dwueth’var has the following properties:

  • The sword's bonus to attack and damage rolls increases to +2 (+3 when glowing).
  • The sword can cast Fly once per day.
  • The bonus radiant damage to a creature that hits the wielder while the sword is glowing increases to 1d12.
  • When the wielder is hit with a melee attack, they can expend their reaction to teleport up to half their movement speed in a direction of their choosing.