Source: Keys from the Golden Vault

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

This painting by famed artist Dkesii Kwan depicts Constantori, a beautiful courtier, who was paid a staggering sum to be Dkesii's model. Whether Constantori's actual appearance matches the painting remains a subject of debate. The portrait is one of several paintings commissioned by the late Daiyani Grysthorn, a crime lord who frequently gave magical paintings as gifts to her most esteemed associates.

Sentience. Constantori's Portrait is a sentient, lawful evil item with an Intelligence score of 14, a Wisdom score of 12, and a Charisma score of 8. It can hear within a range of 120 feet and has darkvision within a range of 60 feet, but it can't see anything behind itself.

The painting can converse in Common, Draconic, and Elvish as if it were a living person, though Constantori's mouth doesn't move. Whenever conversation occurs within the portrait's auditory range, the painting eagerly gathers secrets, the names of secret tellers, significant events, or any political conversations.

Personality. Constantori's Portrait is demanding, condescending, and vain. It doesn't like being covered or placed out of sight, and it loudly condemns anyone who tries to remove it from its gold-leaf frame.

Wealth of Information. The painting's primary purpose is to observe and recall conversations. Over the past few decades, Constantori's Portrait has quietly observed countless conversations and now possesses an unquantifiable amount of lore—everything from criminal conspiracies to secret passwords. The DM decides what the painting knows and what it doesn't.

While attuned to the painting, you can take an action to telepathically contact it over any distance, provided you and the painting are on the same plane of existence. The painting can't telepathically contact you, however. Maintaining telepathic contact with the painting requires your concentration (as if concentrating on a spell).

Guardian Portrait. While you are attuned to the painting, you can command it to guard its location against one or more creatures you identify as the painting's enemies. The painting performs this function until you command it to stop or until your attunement to the painting ends.

The painting has 3 charges. When a creature the painting identifies as its enemy starts its turn in a space the painting can see, the painting expends 1 of its charges to cast Magic Missile (3 missiles), targeting that creature. The painting regains all expended charges daily at dawn.

The painting is a Small object with AC 12, 20 hit points, and immunity to poison damage. In its gold-leaf frame, the painting weighs 15 pounds. If the painting has at least 1 hit point and is targeted by a Mending spell, it regains 2d6 hit points.