You have made your pact with a powerful, sentient magic weapon carved from the stuff of the Shadowfell. The mighty sword Blackrazor is the most notable of these weapons, several of which have spread across the multiverse over the ages. These weapons grow stronger as they consume the life essence of their victims. The strongest of them can use their ties to the Shadowfell to offer power to mortals who serve them. The Raven Queen forged the first of these weapons. They, along with the hexblade warlocks, are another tool she can use to manipulate events in the Material Plane to her inscrutable ends.

Source: Unearthed Arcana 29 - Warlock & Wizard

Expanded Spell List

The Hexblade lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Hexblade Expanded Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st Shield, Wrathful Smite
2nd Branding Smite, Magic Weapon
3rd Blink, Elemental Weapon
4th Phantasmal Killer, Staggering Smite
5th Cone of Cold, Destructive Wave

Hex Warrior

At 1st level, you gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons. In addition, when attacking with a melee weapon that you are proficient with and that lacks the two-handed property, you can use your Charisma modifier, instead of Strength or Dexterity, for the attack and damage rolls.

Hexblade's Curse

Starting at 1st level, you gain the ability to place a baleful curse on someone. As a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The target is cursed for 1 minute. The curse ends early if the target dies, you die, or you are incapacitated. Until the curse ends, you gain the following benefits:

  • You gain a bonus to damage rolls against the cursed target. The bonus equals your proficiency bonus.
  • Any attack roll you make against the cursed target is a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 on the d20.
  • If the cursed target dies, you regain hit points equal to your warlock level + your Charisma modifier.

You can’t use this feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

Shadow Hound

Starting at 6th level, your shadow can split from you and transform into a hound of pure darkness. Most of the time, your shadow hound masquerades as your normal shadow. As a bonus action, you can command it to magically slip into the shadow of a creature you can see within 60 feet of you. While the shadow hound is merged in this manner, the target can’t gain the benefits of half cover or three-quarters cover against your attack rolls, and you know the distance and direction to the target even if it is hidden. The hound can’t be seen by anyone but you and those with truesight, and it is unaffected by light. The target has a vague feeling of dread while the hound is present.

As a bonus action, you can command your shadow hound to return to you. It also automatically returns to you if you and the target are on different planes of existence, if you’re incapacitated, or if dispel magic, remove curse, or similar magic is used on the target.

Armor of Hexes

At 10th level, your hex grows more powerful. If the target cursed by your Hexblade’s Curse hits you with an attack roll, roll a d6. On a 4 or higher, the attack instead misses you.

Master of Hexes

Starting at 14th level, you can use your Hexblade’s Curse again without resting, but when you apply it to a new target, the curse immediately ends on the previous target.