The esoteric powers developed and harnessed through the use of dunamis are still very much a rare and carefully guarded feature of the Kryn Dynasty in Wildemount. However, such arcana is hard to keep hidden, especially in times of war. Spies and defectors have long smuggled out the secrets of this obscure magical practice, and even now it slowly disseminates beyond Xhorhas.

Dunamancy spells are readily available to the Chonurgy and Graviturgy subclasses and should not be simply added to the full spell lists of other spellcasting classes. However, the Dungeon Master can consider allowing other spellcasting classes opportunities to learn a handful of dunamancy-themed spells as rewards. Perhaps the characters uncover a cache of magical contraband, among which is a couple of spell scrolls, or a traveling acolyte takes some downtime with a friendly cleric character and opens their mind to some of the stranger secrets of the universe, unlocking a spell or two. There are many unique ways to bring these spells into your game without requiring any specific dunamis-wielding subclasses to be present in the adventuring party.

Level Spell Name School Casting Time Range Duration Components
8th Dark Star Evocation DG 1 Action 150 Feet Concentration, up to 1 minute V, S, M
2nd Fortune's Favor Divination D 1 Minute 60 feet 1 hour V, S, M
1st Gift of Alacrity Divination DC 1 Minute Touch 8 hours V, S
6th Gravity Fissure Evocation DG 1 Action Self (100-foot line) Instantaneous V, S, M
4th Gravity Sinkhole Evocation DG 1 Action 120 feet Instantaneous V, S, M
2nd Immovable Object Transmutation DG 1 Action Touch 1 hour V, S, M
1st Magnify Gravity Transmutation DG 1 Action 60 feet 1 round V, S
3rd Pulse Wave Evocation D 1 Action Self (30-foot cone) Instantaneous V, S
9th Ravenous Void Evocation DG 1 Action 1,000 feet Concentration, up to 1 minute V, S, M
8th Reality Break Conjuration DC 1 Action 60 feet Concentration, up to 1 minute V, S, M
Cantrip Sapping Sting Necromancy D 1 Action 30 feet Instantaneous V, S
5th Temporal Shunt Transmutation DC 1 Reaction 120 feet 1 round V, S
7th Tether Essence Necromancy D 1 Action 60 feet Concentration, up to 1 hour V, S, M
9th Time Ravage Necromancy DC 1 Action 90 feet Instantaneous V, S, M
2nd Wristpocket Conjuration D 1 Action R Self Concentration, up to 1 hour S

D - Dunamancy Spell
DG - Graviturgy Dunamancy Spell
DC - Chronurgy Dunamancy Spell