This bard spell list includes optional spells available from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. For the bard spell list without optional spells, see Core Bard Spell List
Spell Name School Casting Time Range Duration Components
Blade Ward Abjuration 1 Action Self 1 round V, S
Dancing Lights Evocation 1 Action 120 feet Concentration up to 1 minute V, S, M
Friends Enchantment 1 Action Self Concentration, up to 1 minute S, M
Light Evocation 1 Action Touch 1 hour V, M
Mage Hand Conjuration 1 Action 30 feet 1 minute V, S
Mending Transmutation 1 Minute Touch Instantaneous V, S, M
Message Transmutation 1 Action 120 feet 1 round V, S, M
Minor Illusion Illusion 1 Action 30 feet 1 minute S, M
Prestidigitation Transmutation 1 Action 10 feet Up to 1 hour V, S
Thunderclap Evocation 1 Action Self (5-foot radius) Instantaneous S
True Strike Divination 1 Action 30 feet Concentration up to 1 round S
Vicious Mockery Enchantment 1 Action 60 feet Instantaneous V

R - Ritual Spell