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In preparation for tomorrow's release. I won't be purchasing a copy of this book immediately, so if someone could let me know what all is in there, I'll add it to the list and we'll use this thread to keep track of what's been added to the site.

Class Subclass Link Completed Main Page Class Page
Race/Origin Link Completed Main Page
Background Link Completed Main Page
Item Link Completed
Spell Link Completed
Feat Link Completed Main Page
Wild Beyond the Witchlight by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 20 Sep 2021 12:32

As summary, the price is listed incorrectly. Just a quick edit.

You got it right!

And you are right, that damage type was incorrect. It has been corrected.

Re: Wrong Divine Strike by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 01 Sep 2021 00:21

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this -i am new to interacting with wikidot in any way other than reading it. Love the resource though! Just thought i would point out i think the damage type on the Divine Strike for the twilight cleric is still psychic damage witch i think is a leftover from the UA version. <3

Wrong Divine Strike by collkille_95collkille_95, 31 Aug 2021 22:42
Re: Trinkets
NCatNCat 28 Aug 2021 03:06
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Trinkets

Got it, :thumbs-up:

Re: Trinkets by NCatNCat, 28 Aug 2021 03:06

No problem
Also the Storm Sorcery and UA Revised Beast Master still don't work at the moment, but I imagine that's in the works.
Thank you for responding

Hey Hexcav, after I posted that I went and took a look and found a lot of them. The links should be fixed now.

It looks like one of our editors got a little enthusiastic about renaming some pages and didn't let anyone know what they were doing so we could update the main page.

I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the Vampire page but I'll get that one fixed as soon as I can.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

On the frontpage, some page links are great as mentioned the Vampire race under the Plane Shift Category
Other pages found missing are the Storm Sorcery subclass in the non UA content; UA Monk Way of tranquility; UA Ranger Revised Beast Master; UA Wizard School of Lore Master; 3 UA Sorcerer Subclasses; and all but 1 of the UA Fighter Subclasses

Do you remember which ones? I've been cleaning up the orphaned pages and have removed some pages, but made sure they were duplicates of existing pages that were linked elsewhere.

It's come to my attention that some subclasses page were deleted as well as the Vampire race. I'm not sure if this is just me, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just me.

Re: Trinkets
Fredbob711Fredbob711 26 Aug 2021 15:45
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Trinkets

Nah, no rush imo. Just put (Under Construction) on the page title.

Re: Trinkets by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 26 Aug 2021 15:45

Looks like we're done with Van Richten's! Thanks everyone that helped out with these updates!

Nice! So that should be the misc section done I think, and by extension VRGtR aswell !

Re: Miscellaneous Section by NCatNCat, 26 Aug 2021 04:36
Re: Trinkets
NCatNCat 26 Aug 2021 04:35
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Trinkets

(Ah heck, most of the tables arent filled out yet. Guess I know what im doing tonight then oops)

Re: Trinkets by NCatNCat, 26 Aug 2021 04:35
Re: DMG Firearms
NCatNCat 26 Aug 2021 04:34
in discussion Community / Open Topic » DMG Firearms

Ah yeah, that could work

Re: DMG Firearms by NCatNCat, 26 Aug 2021 04:34
Re: DMG Firearms
Fredbob711Fredbob711 25 Aug 2021 19:30
in discussion Community / Open Topic » DMG Firearms

Maybe add them as a separate table on the Weapons page with an Optional Rules heading?

Re: DMG Firearms by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 25 Aug 2021 19:30
Re: Trinkets
Fredbob711Fredbob711 25 Aug 2021 19:28
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Trinkets

Added Trinkets to the Items section on the main page.

Re: Trinkets by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 25 Aug 2021 19:28

Add Charms, Blessings, & Supernatural Gifts to the main page.

Re: Miscellaneous Section by Fredbob711Fredbob711, 25 Aug 2021 19:27
Re: Trinkets
NCatNCat 24 Aug 2021 02:27
in discussion Community / Open Topic » Trinkets

Ive gotten around to finishing the formatting, and setting up the tables. Ive also gone ahead and filled out the E:RFtLW and MToF tables.

Im about 90% sure ive got all the books that have trinkets on the page already, so thats all good and done

Re: Trinkets by NCatNCat, 24 Aug 2021 02:27
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