The Heroic Chronicle is a system that allows players and Dungeon Master to work together to build a compelling character story. It even allows characters to gain additional proficiencies, magic items, spells, or feats before the campaign begins.


A character's story begins with determining the region where they were born, the job they had before becoming an adventurer, their social status, the settlement where they grew up, and their family relationships. As this backstory develops, the character will gain allies and rivals, as well as learn some of the fateful moments that set them on the path of adventure.


The known lands of Wildemount are divided into four major geographic regions. From west to eat, these regions are the Menagerie Coast, Western Wynandir (which is further divided into the Marrow Valley and the Zemni Fields), the Greying Wildlands, and Eastern Wynandir. The northernmost reaches of the continent - the forgotten lands of Eiselcross - are not included in this section

d100 Region (Government)
01-21 Menagerie Coast (choose either the Clovis Concord or Revelry Pirates)
22-40 Marrow Valley in Western Wynandir (Dwendalian Empire)
41-72 Zemni Fields in Western Wynandir Dwendalian Empire)
73-77 Greying Wildlands (choose either the Tribes of Shadycreek Run or Uthodurn)
78-00 Xhorhas in eastern Wynandir (choose either the Kryn Dynasty or Xarzith Kitril)


In addition to granting you items, gold, and proficiencies, your background gives you a sense of belonging in the world.

d20 Background Source
1 Acolyte Player's Handbook
2 Acolyte (Luxonborn) Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
3 Charlatan Player's Handbook
4 Criminal Player's Handbook
5 Criminal (Myriad Operative) Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
6 Entertainer Player's Handbook
7 Folk Hero Player's Handbook
8 Grinner Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
9 Guild Artisan Player's Handbook
10 Hermit Player's Handbook
11 Noble Player's Handbook
12 Outlander Player's Handbook
13 Sage Player's Handbook
14 Sage (Cobalt Scholar) Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
15 Sailor Player's Handbook
16 Sailor (Revelry Pirate) Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
17 Soldier Player's Handbook
18 Soldier (Augen Trust) Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
19 Urchin Player's Handbook
20 Volstrucker Agent Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Social Status

Each nation in Wildemount views people's backgrounds according of its cultural values. Based on your character's background, think about your social status within the context of the details of your homeland presented below. Then use the Social Status Relationships table to determine how many allies and rivals you'll roll for later.

Menagerie Coast

Both the Clovis Concord and their hated nemesis, the Revelry pirates, price personal freedom over all other things. The Revelry simply takes this ideology one bloody step further. People of the Concord celebrate folk heroes and entertainers, and all other people who might become celebrities, iconoclasts, and figures of legend.

At the same time, the common working-class sailor is a symbol of the Concord's strength. As with the crew of a well-run ship, the small actions of individuals can have a huge impact when all are working toward common goals. Common sailors despise the Revelry, and noteworthy sailors might even have a rival within the Revelry.

Western Wynandir

The Dwendalian Empire prizes king and country over personal freedoms - at least as far as the freedoms of the poor are concerned. For the wealthy noble class, most laws are mere guidelines, since bribery and political favors can make almost any problem go away.

In the Dwendalian Empire, rural folk are seen as honest, hardworking, and pious, while the wealthy ruling class are viewed as beneficent patricians - or as miserly tyrants. Patriotism is a core virtue, and enlisting in the Righteous Brand and adhering to the empire's strict religious laws are the most patriotic acts of all.

Greying Wildlands

The Greying Wildlands and the settlement of Shadycreek Run are lawless. Crime is a virtue here, mercy a vice. Only strength rules in the land run by the coalition of criminals known as "the Tribes." Anyone who doesn't have the personal strength to defend themselves is treated with contempt, and those who represent the iron fist of the empire are utterly despised.

Travel further north, however, and one reaches the Diarchy of Uthodurn, a stable and ancient city rule by elves and dwarves. Here, order and art are prized over chaos and personal enrichment. If you character is from Uthodurn rather than Shadycreek Run, replace any rival you gain from the Social Status Relationships table with an ally and vice versa.

Eastern Wynandir

Accumulating knowledge and achieving spiritual enlightenment are the virtues of the Kryn Dynasty, whose society is built around the tenets of the Luxon. Artists, entertainers, artisans, and all people who create are well-valued in Kryn society. yet, in this age of war, people whose skills allow them to destroy are paradoxically prized just as highly.

To the Kryn, a person's background is less important than the experiences they've accumulated - particularly for those who have begun walking the sacred path known as consecution. Nonetheless, even the most enlightened society can't help but look down upon its lowest citizens and sneer at its haughty elite. Once all beings are beloved by the Luxon, perhaps these ills of society will be purged once and for all.

Social Status Relationships
d20 Background Clovis Concord Dwendalian Empire Greying Wildlands Kryn Dynasty
1 Acolyte 1 ally 1 ally (legal faith)
1 rival (illegal faith)
1 rival 1 ally
2 Acolyte (Luxonborn) 1 rival 1 ally
3 Charlatan 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
4 Criminal 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
5 Criminal (Myriad Operative) 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
6 Entertainer 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally
7 Folk Hero 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally
8 Grinner 1 ally 1 rival
9 Guild Artisan 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally
10 Hermit 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally
11 Noble 1 ally 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally 1 ally
1 rival
12 Outlander 1 ally
13 Sage 1 rival 1 rival
14 Sage (Cobalt Scholar) 1 rival 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally 1 rival
15 Sailor 1 ally
1 rival
1 rival 1 ally
16 Sailor (Revelry Pirate) 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
17 Soldier 1 ally 1 ally
1 rival
1 rival 1 ally
1 rival
18 Soldier (Augen Trust) 1 ally 1 rival
19 Urchin 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival 1 rival
20 Volstrucker Agent 1 ally 1 rival

Home Settlement

Once you've determined your nation and considered your social status within that realm, roll on the appropriate table to determine which settlement you grew up in. If your character is a traveler - a child of soldiers, a nomad, a traveling performer, and so forth - you can roll for up to three settlements that you've visited often and have some connections in.

Menagerie Coast Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01 Brokenbank Town
02 Darktow Town
03-09 Feolinn City
10-19 Gwardan City
20-36 Nicodranas City
37-40 Othe City
41 Palma Flora Town
42-84 Port Damli City
85-93 Port Zoon City
94-00 Tussoa City
Marrow Valley Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-02 Alfield Town
03-05 Ashguard Garrison Military Outpost
06-07 Berleben Town
08-12 Bladegarden City
13-18 Deastok City
19-22 Felderwin City
23-32 Grimgolir City
33-40 Hupperdook City
41-44 Kamordah City
45 Talonstadt Town
46-50 Trostenwald City
51-52 Vol'antim Town
53-00 Zadash City
Zemni Fields Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01 Blumenthal Town
02-07 Bysaes Tyl City
08-11 Druvenlode City
12-13 Icehaven Town
14-18 Nogvurot City
19-20 Odessloe City
21-26 Pride's Call City
27-96 Rexxentrum City
97-98 Rockguard Garrison Military Output
99 Velvin Thicket Nomadic Disapora
00 Yrrosa Town
Greying Wildlands Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-03 Boroftkrah Town
04-06 Palebank Village Village
07-30 Shadycreek Run City
31-00 Uthodurn City
Eastern Wynandir Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-20 Asarius City
21 Bazzoxan Town
22 Charis Village
23-30 Igrathad Seven Villages
31-36 Jigow City
37 New Haxon Military Outpost
38-89 Rosohna (Ghor Dranas) City
90-93 Rotthold City
94-96 Urzin Town
97-00 Xarzith Kitril City


Roll twice on the appropriate Family Size table - once to determine how many living parents you have, and once to determine your living siblings.

Family Size (Village)
d100 Parents Siblings
01-10 3 or more 2d4 + 2
11-50 2 2d4
51-89 1 1d4
90-00 0 0
Family Size (City)
d100 Parents Siblings
01-05 3 or more 2d4 + 2
06-60 2 2d4
61-80 1 1d4
81-00 0 0

Powerful Family Relationships

Your first allies and rivals are your family. Sometimes your family members are your closest friends. Sometimes you hate their guts. Roll a d3. This is the number of powerful relationships you have within your family.

Roll once on the Family Relationships table for each powerful relationship you have within your family, to determine the setup of your friendship or rivalry.

Family Relationships
d100 Relationship
01-10 You thought you killed this family member, whether by accident or otherwise. You never expected to see them again - but they're out for your blood. You gain one rival.
11-20 You insulted this family member so gravely that they left your life forever. If they ever return, it will be to settle the score. You gain one rival.
21-30 You have always been better than this family member at a particular activity. They grew jealous and abandoned you, so that they could return and best you one day. You gain one rival.
31-40 You uncovered a secret about this family member, whether a tiny embarrassment or a life-changing scandal. They now seek to unveil your darkest secret. You gain one rival.
41-50 You and this family member have a friendly rivalry, and are constantly trying to best each other in an activity, craft, or other pursuit. You visit occasionally to test each other's skills. You gain one rival.
51-60 This family member owes you a debt, and they don't like it. They'll help you out when you need it, but only to clear the slate. You gain one ally.
61-70 This family member loves you, but you were never that close. They'll do anything to help you - as long as they won't be at risk of injury or death. You gain one ally.
71-80 This family member caused you to have a horrific accident when you were a child. They still feel incredible guilt, which they would do anything to assuage. You gain one ally.
81-90 This family member left long ago for reasons you don't understand or won't talk about. Before they left, they promised you that they would return in your hour of greatest need. You gain one ally.
91-00 This family member has always loved you with all their heart, and would do anything for you. You gain one ally.

Acquired Allies and Rivals

If you gained allies or rivals based on your background and your homeland, this section allows you to establish your relationship with those allies and rivals, as well as the broad strokes of their identities.

d100 Ally Rival
01-10 This ally is a loyal pet. Rather than rolling on the Ally and Rival Identities table, choose one beast of CR 1/8 or lower as your pet. This person believes you murdered their sibling. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, they are out for your blood.
11-20 This person once lost a bet to you and is still trying to scrounge up the cash to pay you back. They've decided you'd both be better off if they put you in their debt instead. You bested this person in combat, but they believe you cheated to defeat them. They long to prove that they are the superior warrior.
21-30 This person was once a beggar to whom you gave a large sum of money. They have transformed their life thank to you, and now want to repay your generosity. You broke a promise to this person, and it caused them to suffer greatly. Now they conspire to make someone else break a valuable promise to you.
31-40 You were this persons' favorite drinking buddy, and their home is always open to you and your friends. You once loved this person, but broke their heart. They are now obsessed with making you feel the same pain they felt.
41-50 This person was once your mentor, but you left before you could complete your training. You are welcome to return and finish what you started, but only when you are ready. This person was ordered to arrest you, and doggedly hunts you wherever you go.
51-60 You bonded with this person over a traumatic event such as a battle or an armed robbery. If you ever tell them that you are in danger, they will try to aid you. This person thinks that you were replaced by a doppelganger or possessed by a spirit or monster. They are now trying to defeat you, so as to find or free the original you.
61-70 You and this person share a terrible secret, and you have sworn to never reveal it to anyone. They will help you keep this secret if it is ever in danger of being revealed. You fled from your home under mysterious circumstances. This person is obsessed with finding out the truth of what caused you to leave.
71-80 This person fell in love with you. If you reciprocated, they always stand at your side. If you didn't, they took it well, and still consider you their closest friend. You and this person tried to harness power beyond your control, and it left them disfigured and in constant pain. Having since mastered the power that nearly destroyed them, they now seek to turn it upon you.
81-90 You and this person were affected by powerful magic, and now you both share a telepathic connection that functions while you are within 1 miles of each other. You helped this person out once when they were down on their luck, and now they go to you whenever they need help.
91-00 This person owes you their life. Even if they can't follow you everywhere you go, they will do anything they can to protect you. This person wants to be your friend, but their help has always made your life harder.

Ally and Rival Identities

When you've determined the relationships between you and your acquired allies and rivals, roll for each one on the Ally and Rival Identities table to determine their game statistics. This table includes monsters and NPCs in this book and in the Monster Manual.

If you roll a particularly powerful ally or rival on this table, their involvement in your life causes a fateful moment to occur in your backstory, as determined on the Fateful Moments table.

Ally and Rival Identities
d100 Stat Block Source Fateful Moment
01-05 Commoner Monster Manual N
06-10 Acolyte Monster Manual N
11-15 Bandit Monster Manual N
16-20 Bandit Captain Monster Manual N
21-25 Berserker Monster Manual N
26-30 Cultist Monster Manual N
31-35 Cult Fanatic Monster Manual Y
36-40 Druid Monster Manual N
41-45 Gladiator Monster Manual Y
46-50 Guard Monster Manual N
51-55 Knight Monster Manual N
56-60 Priest Monster Manual N
61-65 Scout Monster Manual N
66-70 Spy Monster Manual N
71-75 Tribal Warrior Monster Manual N
76-80 Veteran Monster Manual N
81-84 Mage Monster Manual N
85-88 Noble Monster Manual N
89-92 Assassin Monster Manual N
93-94 Blood Hunter Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Y
95-96 Good or neutral Werebear or Weretiger Monster Manual Y
97-98 Evil Wereboar, Wererat, or Werewolf Monster Manual Y
99 Archmage Monster Manual Y
00 Adult Gold Dragon or Adult Red Dragon Monster Manual Y

Fateful Moments

No one decides to go adventuring without a reason. Some might set out from home in the name of vengeance, seeking retribution for themselves or their kin. Some might be looking for wealth or glory. Others might seek only a change from their dreary lives, never realizing that they'll soon be caught up in events beyond their understanding along the open road.

Roll once on the Fateful Moments table for each such moment you accrued in the previous section, courtesy of the allies and rivals that are part of your backstory.

Fateful Moments
d20 Event
1 Your parents were murdered in front of you. Roll on the Ally and Rival Identities table to determines the type of creature that killed them. You have proficiency in the Stealth and Survival skills.
2 You met a dark elf dying in the wilderness. Around their neck was a silver talisman containing a cameo of their child and the name "Il'viranya." It is an amulet of proof against detection and location.
3 A mysterious stranger gave you a gift that saved your life while you were lost in the wilderness. Roll on the Ally and Rival Identities table to determine the identity of the stranger. Then roll on Magic Item Table B in the Dungeon Master's Guide to determine the item. If you roll a consumable item from the table, roll again.
4 You were caught in a terrible storm but miraculously survived. Now your dreams contain visions sent by a mysterious god or demigod. You have proficiency in the Arcana or Religion skill (your choice).
5 A famous warrior trained you with what has become your signature weapon. You have proficiency with a martial weapon of your choice, and you own one such weapon. It has special features as detailed in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. You also have the Martial Adept feat from the Player's Handbook.
6 You were the sole survivor when a horde of rampaging monster raided your village or your neighborhood. You have proficiency in the Stealth skill or proficiency with martial weapons (your choice).
7 A famous mage saw potential in you and tutored you in the arcane arts. You have a spellbook and the Magic Initiate feat from the Player's Handbook.
8 While on a long journey, you were picked up by a traveling circus, spending a year with them before returning to your home. You have proficiency in the Acrobatics or Performance skill (your choice) and proficiency with the disguise kit.
9 You were transformed into a bear by mysterious magic, and lived for a year as an animal before you were saved by a druid. Magic still lingers within you, though, and you can cast Speak With Animals at will.
10 You were press-ganged into military service, and were left shaken by what you saw on the battlefield. You have proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons. You also have a random form of indefinite madness, determined by rolling on the Indefinite Madness table in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.
11 You were kidnapped by bandits while traveling between towns. While captured, you met an old thief who helped you escape. You have proficiency with thieves' tools and proficiency in the Stealth skill.
12 You were visited by a demon lord in a dream. You awakened knowing the Find Familiar spell and are now able to cast it as a ritual, but your familiar always takes the form of a quasit. You also have a random form of indefinite madness, determined by rolling on the Indefinite Madness table in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.
13 While exploring a remote forest, you were attacked by evil lycanthropes but escaped before being killed. You are cursed with wereboar, wererat, or werewolf lycanthropy (DM's choice).
14 While lost in a remote forest or jungle, you were saved by a werebear or weretiger (DM's choice). The lycanthrope believed you were destined for greatness and granted you the give of lycanthropy with your consent.
15 You saved a pseudodragon from being eaten by a giant spider in a dark forest. The pseudodragon now loyally follows you wherever you go, even if you'd rather it stay hidden. It is controlled by the DM but obeys your commands if treated well.
16 You nearly died from a virulent disease (the DM's choice of cackle fever, sewer plague, or sight rot, see chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). Your life was saved by an agent of the Cobalt Soul, who could not cure the disease, but who gave you a periapt of health that suppresses it.
17 You were accused of a crime and were exiled or imprisoned, regardless of whether or not you were guilty. Having spent time among criminals, you have proficiency in the Intimidation skill and you know thieves' cant.
18 You saved a riderless horse wearing full tack and harness from wolves. You own a riding horse and a saddle, and you have proficiency in the Animal Handling skill.
19 While reading through a mysterious tome once owned by your parent, you found a treasure map that points toward a place in Wildemount of the DM's choice.
20 You received a letter revealing that you were the secret child of a wealthy noble family living in Rexxentrum within the Dwendalian Empire. They enclosed 100 gp to ensure your safe passage to the imperial capital, and a signet ring bearing your true family's seal.

Mysterious Secret

You saw something you weren't supposed to. A note came into your possession by mysterious means. You can roll on the Mysterious Secrets table or work with your DM to create a secret.

Mysterious Secrets
d20 Secret
1 Years ago my best friend came to me in the middle of the night and gave me a key that glowed with an icy blue light. I never saw that friend again.
2 I was the only witness to a cold-blooded murder. In the aftermath, I saw the killer take a gold coin with a ruby inlaid at its center from the victim's body.
3 I once had a dream where an old stranger looked me dead in the eye, screamed "Scourger!" at the top of their lung, and then exploded into a column of flame.
4 While exploring near my home, I found a cliff with a bunch of caverns dug out of it, all of them large enough for people to hide within.
5 I once saw a cat that seemed to be moving with a strange sense of purpose. I followed it to the dwelling of an important local elder, where it gazed through the window for an hour. Then it suddenly shook itself and raced away, as though a spell had been broken.
6 One of my parents left home in the middle of a storm, in the middle of the night. They had their sword and shield. They came back a week later, with the shield practically in pieces. They never talked about that night.
7 I had a friend who was a farmer. Every week, their crops doubled in size until they had pumpkins as big as houses. Then the next week, the friend was gone and their fields were torched. I never heard from them again.
8 I once saw an enormous figure walking through the clouds on a stormy night. at one point, they looked at me and kept walking.
9 I woke up one night to find one of my siblings perched on my chest, staring into my eyes. They said, "The time is soon," and then giggled and ran off. When I asked them, they had no memory of the event.
10 I once saw a giant bird soar past overhead. It croaked out a cry that sounded like my name, then disappeared beyond the clouds.
11 I ate a fruit whose seeds spelled out a magic word where I'd cast them onto the ground. Years later, I saw the same word spelled out within a slice of bread.
12 A warrior friend of mine died. But every so often, I swear I see that friend in their old armor, at the corner of my vision.
13 An old seer once touched my forehead and gave me a vision of a flaming bird chained beneath a mountain, squirming and wailing in the darkness.
14 Once while on a boat, I heard a voice rumbling around me. I looked down below the water, and I swear I saw golden eyes looking up at me.
15 While I was eating, a whole potato exploded into worms, and I suffered a vision of a gigantic worm eating the world like a giant apple.
16 While picking flowers, I saw a tall figure with red skin and horns wandering the meadow. The flowers grew taller where they walked, but I fled in fear and never saw the figure again.
17 I was attacked by wolves in the woods one day, and was saved by a stranger with a bandage over their eyes. This person shone with silver light and was covered with scars - and I think I might have seen black wings tucked in at their back.
18 While trying to forge a sword, I accidentally burned myself with the red-hot blade. A strange vision came to me, of powerful weapons calling out for me to wield them.
19 I once met someone fleeing through the woods who said they had escaped from some evil place. I asked what that meant, but the stranger fell dead on the spot. When I returned with help to collect the body, it was gone.
20 I once caught a falling star. It looked up from my hands and smiled, then told me to look for it on the day when fire erupts from the earth.


Write down three aspirations or goals you have for your character, and which you want to achieve over the course of the campaign. A prophecy goal should have two parts. First is the goal that your character wants to attain. Second is a sense of what complication might ensue once the goal is met - for good or ill.

One of your prophecy goals should be an immediate goal, one should be long term, and one should be a goal that concludes your character arc at the end of the campaign. You don't have to choose all three goals at the start.

If you're looking for prophecy goals for your character, you can roll on the Prophecy Inspirations table for a random goal and a consequence of that goal. If this goal isn't a perfect fit for your character, you can fine-tune it or roll again to find one that works better.

Prophecy Inspirations
d20 Prophecy
1 I will defeat the creature that killed my parents. Its defeat might make me question my purpose in life.
2 I will uncover the reason that the Cerberus Assembly took my sibling away. Finding my sibling will set political events beyond my control into motion.
3 I will save my village from the gnoll tribe that has raided us for the past year. Their defeat will inspire me to perform even greater feats of heroism.
4 I will unlock the secrets of consecution that the Kryn are hiding. This knowledge will open my mind to a terrifying truth.
5 I will join a blood hunter order. My new comrades-in-arms will make me powerful, but I must pay a steep price for that power.
6 I will steal a king's ransom from a Revelry pirate. That wealth will make me happy, but it will also draw unsavory characters to me.
7 I will become a hero of the war between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn. I will be haunted by the atrocities I witness on the battlefield.
8 I will cleanse the Savalirwood of its corruption while welcoming that corruption into my own body.
9 I will infiltrate the Myriad, but doing so will compel me to commit evil acts.
10 I will uncover a relic from Eiselcross and become famous, but the relic will exact a terrible cost.
11 I will speak to a dragon, live to tell the tale, and provoke the dragon's everlasting wrath.
12 I will steal a holy relic of the Kryn Dynasty, making me a target for anyone who desires its power.
13 I will hesitate at an important moment. Another person will suffer for it.
14 I will stumble by accident into the arms of the Golden Grin. Though I will reject their call at first, something will draw me back.
15 I will befriend a flying beast and ride it through the skies. Others will envy me for the bond I have with this creature.
16 I will kneel before the Bright Queen Leylas Kryn without knowing who she is. This moment of uncertainty will lead to danger.
17 I will stand before Princess Suria Dwendal and briefly hold the fate of the empire in my hand. I won't realize the gravity of my decision until it is too late.
18 My actions will lead to the death of a marquis of the Clovis Concord. I will know exactly who killed them, but no one in power will believe me.
19 I will anger one of the Tribes of Shadycreek Run. As its members hunt me in retribution, other will suffer and I will pay the price.
20 I will meet my birth parents. Doing so reveals a secret about my birth that will change the way I look at the world.