The Heroic Chronicle is a system that allows players and Dungeon Master to work together to build a compelling character story. It even allows characters to gain additional proficiencies, magic items, spells, or feats before the campaign begins.


A character's story begins with determining the region where they were born, the job they had before becoming an adventurer, their social status, the settlement where they grew up, and their family relationships. As this backstory develops, the character will gain allies and rivals, as well as learn some of the fateful moments that set them on the path of adventure.


The Sword Coast and the North can be divided into five major political regions, each of which are described in chapter 2 of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. These regions are the Lords’ Alliance, the Dwarfholds of the North, the Island Kingdoms, Independent Realms, and the Underdark.

To determine your homeland, roll 1d100 on the Homelands table below. You may decide your character was born in one region but grew up in another. In that case, roll twice to determine the land of your birth and the land you were ultimately raised in.

d100 Region (Government)
01-50 Lords' Alliance
51-60 Dwarfholds of the North
61-70 Island Kingdoms
71-95 Independent Realms
96-00 Underdark


In addition to granting you items, gold, and proficiencies, your background gives you a sense of belonging in the world.

d100 Background Source
1-4 Acolyte Player's Handbook
5-8 Charlatan Player's Handbook
9-12 City Watch Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
13-16 Clan Crafter Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
17-20 Scholar Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
21-24 Courtier Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
25-28 Criminal Player's Handbook
29-32 Entertainer Player's Handbook
33-36 Faction Agent Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
37-40 Far Traveler Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
41-44 Folk Hero Player's Handbook
45-48 Guild Artisan Player's Handbook
49-52 Hermit Player's Handbook
53-56 Inheritor Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
57-60 Knight of the Order Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
61-64 Mercenary Veteran Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
65-68 Noble Player's Handbook
69-72 Outlander Player's Handbook
73-76 Sage Player's Handbook
77-80 Sailor Player's Handbook
81-84 Soldier Player's Handbook
85-88 Spy Player's Handbook
89-92 Urban Bounty Hunter Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
93-96 Urchin Player's Handbook
97-99 Uthgardt Tribe Member Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
100 Waterdhavian Noble Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Social Status

Even in lands as free as the Sword Coast and the North, most folk are trapped in their social station by forces they can’t control like wealth, family, and political power. Your story begins with you as a member of one social class, determined by your homeland and your background.

Social Status Relationships
Background Lords' Alliance Dwarfholds of the North Island Kingdoms Independent Realms Underdark
Acolyte 1 ally (good deity) or
1 rival (evil deity)
1 ally (good deity) or
1 rival (evil deity)
1 ally (neutral deity) 1 ally (good deity) or
1 rival (evil deity)
Charlatan 1 ally
1 rival
1 rival 1 rival 1 ally
City Watch 1 ally
1 rival
1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
Clan Crafter 1 ally
Cloistered Scholar 1 ally 1 ally
Courtier 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
Criminal 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally 1 ally
Entertainer 1 ally 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally
Faction Agent 1 ally (of your faction)
1 rival (of another faction)
1 ally (of your faction)
1 rival (of another faction)
1 ally (of your faction)
1 rival (of another faction)
1 ally (of your faction)
1 rival (of another faction)
1 ally (of your faction)
1 rival (of another faction)
Far Traveler
Folk Hero 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
Guild Artisan 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival
Hermit 1 rival 1 ally
Inheritor 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally
1 rival
Knight of the Order 1 ally 1 rival
Mercenary Veteran 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival 1 rival
Noble 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
Outlander 1 rival
Sage 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival
Sailor 1 rival 1 ally
1 rival
Soldier 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival
Spy 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
Urban Bounty Hunter 1 rival 1 rival 1 ally
Urchin 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival 1 rival 1 rival
Uthgardt Tribe Member 1 rival 1 ally
Waterdhavian Noble 1 ally
1 rival

Home Settlement

Once you've determined your nation and considered your social status within that realm, roll on the appropriate table to determine which settlement you grew up in. If your character is a traveler - a child of soldiers, a nomad, a traveling performer, and so forth - you can roll for up to three settlements that you've visited often and have some connections in.

Lords' Alliance Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-10 Amphail Town
11-25 Baldur's Gate City
26-39 Daggerford Town
40 Longsaddle Hamlet
41-50 Mirabar City
51-60 Neverwinter City
61-70 Silverymoon City
71-90 Waterdeep City
91-00 Yartar Town
Dwarfholds of the North Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-20 Citadel Adbar City
21-40 Citadel Felbarr City
41-60 Gauntlgrym City
61-70 Ironmaster Town
71-80 Mithral Hall Town
81-99 Sundabar City
00 Thornhold Fortress
Island Kingdoms & Moonshaes Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-25 Mintarn Island City
26-35 Northlander Isles Island Tribes
36-85 Moonshae Isles Island Kingdoms
86-89 Orlumber Island Town
90-99 Southern Isles Small Island Nations
00 Evermeet Mythical Island Nation
Independent Realms Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01 Boareskyr Bridge (Fort Tamal) Fortress
02-04 Candlekeep Castle
05 Darkhold Village
06-31 Elturgard (Elturel) Nation (City)
32-41 Evereska Hidden City
42-48 Hartsvale Isolated Kingdom
49 Helm's Hold Fortress
50-52 High Moor (Secomber) Wilderness (Town)
53-55 Trielta Hills (Hardbuckler) Wilderness (Town)
56-60 Uthgardt Lands Nomadic Wilderness
61-90 Luskan City
91-00 Icewind Dale (Ten Towns) Wilderness (Alliance of Towns)
Underdark Settlements
d100 Settlement Name Type
01-20 Gracklstugh City
21-30 Mantol-Derith Village
31-80 Menzoberranzan City
81-00 Blingdenstone City


Roll twice on the appropriate Family Size table - once to determine how many living parents you have, and once to determine your living siblings.

Family Size (Village)
d100 Parents Siblings
01-10 3 or more 2d4 + 2
11-50 2 2d4
51-89 1 1d4
90-00 0 0
Family Size (City)
d100 Parents Siblings
01-05 3 or more 2d4 + 2
06-60 2 2d4
61-80 1 1d4
81-00 0 0

Powerful Family Relationships

Your first allies and rivals are your family. Sometimes your family members are your closest friends. Sometimes you hate their guts. Roll a d3. This is the number of powerful relationships you have within your family.

Roll once on the Family Relationships table for each powerful relationship you have within your family, to determine the setup of your friendship or rivalry.

Family Relationships
d100 Relationship
01-10 You thought you killed this family member, whether by accident or otherwise. You never expected to see them again - but not they're out for your blood. You gain one rival.
11-20 You insulted this family member so gravely that they left your life forever. If they ever return, it will be to settle the score. You gain one rival.
21-30 You have always been better than this family member at a particular activity. They grew jealous and abandoned you, so that they could return and best you one day. You gain one rival.
31-40 You uncovered a secret about this family member, whether a tiny embarrassment or a life-changing scandal. They now seek to unveil your darkest secret. You gain one rival.
41-50 You and this family member have a friendly rivalry, and are constantly trying to best each other in an activity, craft, or other pursuit. You visit occasionally to test each other's skills. You gain one rival.
51-60 This family member owes you a debt, and they don't like it. They'll help you out when you need it, but only to clear the slate. You gain one ally.
61-70 This family member loves you, but you were never that close. They'll do anything to help you - as long as they won't be at risk of injury or death. You gain one ally.
71-80 This family member caused you to have a horrific accident when you were a child. They still feel incredible guilt, which they would do anything to assuage. You gain one ally.
81-90 This family member left long ago for reasons you don't understand or won't talk about. Before they left, they promised you that they would return in your hour of greatest need. You gain one ally.
91-00 This family member has always loved you with all their heart, and would do anything for you. You gain one ally.

Acquired Allies and Rivals

If you gained allies or rivals based on your background and your homeland, this section allows you to establish your relationship with those allies and rivals, as well as the broad strokes of their identities.

d100 Ally Rival
01-10 This ally is a loyal pet. Rather than rolling on the Ally and Rival Identities table, choose one beast of CR 1/8 or lower as your pet. This person believes you murdered their sibling. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, they are out for your blood.
11-20 This person once lost a bet to you and is still trying to scrounge up the cash to pay you back. They've decided you'd both be better off if they put you in their debt instead. You bested this person in combat, but they believe you cheated to defeat them. They long to prove that they are the superior warrior.
21-30 This person was once a beggar to whom you gave a large sum of money. They have transformed their life thank to you, and now want to repay your generosity. You broke a promise to this person, and it caused them to suffer greatly. Now they conspire to make someone else break a valuable promise to you.
31-40 You were this persons' favorite drinking buddy, and their home is always open to you and your friends. You once loved this person, but broke their heart. They are now obsessed with making you feel the same pain they felt.
41-50 This person was once your mentor, but you left before you could complete your training. You are welcome to return and finish what you started, but only when you are ready. This person was ordered to arrest you, and doggedly hunts you wherever you go.
51-60 You bonded with this person over a traumatic event such as a battle or an armed robbery. If you ever tell them that you are in danger, they will try to aid you. This person thinks that you were replaced by a doppelganger or possessed by a spirit or monster. They are now trying to defeat you, so as to find or free the original you.
61-70 You and this person share a terrible secret, and you have sworn to never reveal it to anyone. They will help you keep this secret if it is ever in danger of being revealed. You fled from your home under mysterious circumstances. This person is obsessed with finding out the truth of what caused you to leave.
71-80 This person fell in love with you. If you reciprocated, they always stand at your side. If you didn't, they took it well, and still consider you their closest friend. You and this person tried to harness power beyond your control, and it left them disfigured and in constant pain. Having since mastered the power that nearly destroyed them, they now seek to turn it upon you.
81-90 You and this person were affected by powerful magic, and now you both share a telepathic connection that functions while you are within 1 miles of each other. You helped this person out once when they were down on their luck, and now they go to you whenever they need help.
91-00 This person owes you their life. Even if they can't follow you everywhere you go, they will do anything they can to protect you. This person wants to be your friend, but their help has always made your life harder.

Ally and Rival Identities

When you've determined the relationships between you and your acquired allies and rivals, roll for each one on the Ally and Rival Identities table to determine their game statistics. This table includes monsters and NPCs in this book and in the Monster Manual.

If you roll a particularly powerful ally or rival on this table, their involvement in your life causes a fateful moment to occur in your backstory, as determined on the Fateful Moments table.

Ally and Rival Identities
d100 Stat Block Source Fateful Moment
01-05 Commoner Monster Manual N
06-10 Acolyte Monster Manual N
11-15 Bandit Monster Manual N
16-20 Bandit Captain Monster Manual N
21-25 Berserker Monster Manual N
26-30 Cultist Monster Manual N
31-35 Cult Fanatic Monster Manual Y
36-40 Druid Monster Manual N
41-45 Gladiator Monster Manual Y
46-50 Guard Monster Manual N
51-55 Knight Monster Manual N
56-60 Priest Monster Manual N
61-65 Scout Monster Manual N
66-70 Spy Monster Manual N
71-75 Tribal Warrior Monster Manual N
76-80 Veteran Monster Manual N
81-84 Mage Monster Manual N
85-88 Noble Monster Manual N
89-92 Assassin Monster Manual N
93-94 Rakshasa Monster Manual Y
95-96 Good or neutral Werebear or Weretiger Monster Manual Y
97-98 Evil Wereboar, Wererat, or Werewolf Monster Manual Y
99 Archmage Monster Manual Y
00 Adult Gold Dragon or Adult Red Dragon Monster Manual Y

Fateful Moments

No one decides to go adventuring without a reason. Some might set out from home in the name of vengeance, seeking retribution for themselves or their kin. Some might be looking for wealth or glory. Others might seek only a change from their dreary lives, never realizing that they'll soon be caught up in events beyond their understanding along the open road.

Roll once on the Fateful Moments table for each such moment you accrued in the previous section, courtesy of the allies and rivals that are part of your backstory.

Fateful Moments
d20 Event
1 Your mother or father disappeared in the night, leaving behind a note and a package. The note read, “I’m sorry—there is a duty I am sworn to do. You must protect yourself and family while I am gone.” The package was a +1 longsword wrapped in a quilted blanket. You have proficiency with longswords.
2 You were lost in the wilderness when a terrible storm nearly killed you. When you awoke, you were gravely wounded, but felt a strange power within you. You have the Elemental Adept feat from the Player’s Handbook and the ability to cast a cantrip based on the type of storm you were in. Constitution is your spellcasting modifier for this cantrip. Acid rain (Acid Splash), snowstorm (Ray of Frost), forest fire (Produce Flame), lightning storm (Shocking Grasp), thunderstorm (Booming Blade).
3 The fell voice of the archdevil Zariel spoke to you in a dream. You no longer remember what that voice said, or what you promised to give it in return, but now you can cast Find Familiar as a ritual. Your familiar always takes the form of an imp. You also have a random form of indefinite madness, determined by rolling on the Indefinite Madness table in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
4 You tumbled off a cliff and suffered a fall that should have killed you. When you awoke, you saw a figure that you believed to be the goddess Mystra in the distance through your bleary vision. You now occasionally hear her voice in your dreams, telling you strange secrets about the Weave. You have proficiency in the Arcana and Religion skills.
5 You found a massive footprint while exploring the wilderness. Looking closer, you discovered a runestone smashed into the ground within the print. You touched it, and felt power surge within you as you grew to tremendous size! You shrunk moments later, but can still feel the power within you. You can cast Enlarge/Reduce once per day, using the enlarge option only.
6 A horde of terrible monsters attacked your home, either destroying it (village/town) or doing massive damage before being repulsed (city/fortress). You will never forget the images of wanton slaughter that you saw. You have the Alert feat from the Player’s Handbook.
7 You ventured too deep into a local hill-barrow without sufficient gear and fell through a false floor. You landed in a deep dungeon, and survived in the monster-infested darkness there for years before you managed to escape. You are haunted by what you experienced, but you learned much about how to survive in such a place. You have the Dungeon Delver feat from the Player’s Handbook.
8 You were captured by drow or duergar in a raid. You managed to escape slavery, but had to disguise yourself and pretend to be one of them to survive on the streets without being captured again. Eventually, you made your escape. You gain the Actor feat from the Player’s Handbook and proficiency with disguise kits.
9 Your family unknowingly gave shelter to a member of the Cult of the Dragon, and unwittingly earned their favor. The cult believes you are one of them, and gave you 1,000 gp to deliver to a secret shrine to Tiamat, along with a map to that shrine.
10 A master horse trainer came to your home one day, seeking refuge from a warlord who had purchased his horses and then sought to kill him to keep his secrets from spreading. He rewarded you by mentoring you as a horse trainer. You have proficiency in the Animal Handling skill, and a warhorse with full tack and harness.
11 A Red Wizard of Thay tortured your family to death before your very eyes, and in a fit of blind rage you killed the cruel wizard with a skewer from your fireplace. You have the Mage Slayer feat from the Player’s Handbook.
12 While traveling, you found an elf of Evereska at the side of the road, their chest pierced by manticore spines. They begged you for help, and showed you the gestures to cast a spell of healing. You nearly collapsed from the exertion, but managed to cast the spell. You gain the Magic Initiate feat from the Player’s Handbook, learning two bard, cleric, or druid cantrips and the Cure Wounds spell.
13 You were trained in the art of combat by an old traveling warrior. He saved your village from bandits while you were training together, but died in the process. You inherited his weapon and his techniques. You have proficiency with a martial weapon of your choice, and you own one such weapon. It has special features as detailed in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. You also have the Martial Adept feat from the Player’s Handbook.
14 You were saved from a cult of the Dead Three by a member of the Flaming Fist mercenary company. Their sergeant was an inspiring and charismatic half-orc, and you can still hear her words in your head. You have the Inspiring Leader feat from the Player’s Handbook.
15 Your village was burned to the ground by raiders. This band of marauders was led by a being whose image has been seared into your mind forever. Roll on the Rivals and Allies Identities table to determine what type of creature their leader was. You have proficiency in the Stealth and Survival skills.
16 You fell asleep in a forest and awakened in the court of the fey, where you were made to serve the fickle Archfey for a decade. When you finally managed to escape, it was as if no time had passed. You have proficiency with the Deception and Performance skills.
17 A majestic phoenix with wings of flame flew over your home one day, but when you asked other people about it, you learned that you were the only one who saw it. You’ve started having dreams about the fiery bird, and discovered you can manifest its flames. As a bonus action, you can ignite your fists or a weapon you’re holding in flames for 1 minute, causing those attacks to deal fire damage instead of its usual damage. Starting at 5th level, the attacks deal an additional 1d6 fire damage. Once you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you complete a short or long rest.
18 A skilled dwarven armorer traveled through your home settlement one day, and held a blacksmithing contest. You impressed him, and he taught you the secret of how to make armor from adamantine, the hardest material on Faerûn. You have a suit of adamantine armor in a style of your choice.
19 You were imprisoned for a grave crime you didn’t commit—or possibly one you did. When you got out of prison, you picked up a number of habits from your inmates. You have proficiency in the Intimidation or Deception skill (your choice) and you know thieves’ cant.
20 You were an apprentice at the grand library of Candlekeep, where you learned secrets beyond most mortals’ knowledge. You gain the Skilled feat from the Player’s Handbook, and can work with your Dungeon Master to create a secret that could change the fate of the world.

Mysterious Secret

You saw something you weren't supposed to. A note came into your possession by mysterious means. You can roll on the Mysterious Secrets table or work with your DM to create a secret.

Mysterious Secrets
d20 Secret
1 While traveling through Elturgard, I had a waking vision that the Companion which glows above Elturel was eclipsed and began to sink into the ground.
2 An agent of the Lords’ Alliance once begged my mother to “reconsider their offer,” but she spat in her face and said “that’s what I think of your offer!” I’ve seen strange people watching her ever since.
3 I remember growing up in a dank and dismal town of pirates called Skullport. My family escaped when I was a child, and we had to leave something very valuable behind. I’ve been trying to get back there ever since.
4 I discovered a passage to the Underdark that no one knows about while exploring in the woods. I see it in my dreams on strange nights—worse, I sometimes see things coming out of it, or climbing into it.
5 While sleeping in an inn in Waterdeep, I overheard a conversation through my window about a gold dragon living somewhere beneath the city. That can’t be right, though—the dragonward keeps all dragons out of Waterdeep.
6 A cleric of Tyr once sheltered in my home for the night. My parents let him stay. When I awoke, he was gone—and when I asked my parents when he had left, no one remembered his arrival.
7 I met a priest of Myrkul once on the streets of Baldur’s Gate. I was quickly pulled away, but not before she cackled and pointed at me, saying, “In time, the curse of death will claim you. It will claim everything!”
8 I stole from a beautiful Waterdhavian nobleman as a child, and later discovered that among the things I stole was his signet ring. I’ve seen wanted posters seeking the thief my entire life.
9 I lived for a year in Ten-Towns in Icewind Dale. One day while living there, a wild-eyed man grabbed me by the collar and shook me, demanding that I tell him where to find the Ring of Winter. His friend slapped his hand and told him I wasn’t the one he was looking for, and they quickly vanished down an alley.
10 One night, I discovered a golden coin with the face of a beautiful lady on one side. In the morning, the face was gone, and a leering, demonic face was there in its place. Whenever I try to get rid of it, I awaken with it in my pocket.
11 I was given a card from a mysterious street performer. It’s in black and white with a disturbing illustration. The card is labeled The Executioner.
12 I was saved from an angry bear as a child when a giant elk leapt in front of me. After it scared the bear off, the elk turned to look at me with such compassion it its eyes, I knew it must be a forest spirit, or even druid in an animal’s form.
13 I once overheard my parents saying that, when I was born, my father saw a group of drow with a strange Y-shaped mark on their foreheads gazing in through the window. I’ve seen that Y-shaped mark out of the corner of my eye my entire life, always disappearing when I look closely for it.
14 As a child, I once saw my father meet with a man in full plate armor and a face-covering helm, who called himself Pereghost. When I asked him who that was, he told me he was an old friend and quickly changed the subject. I’ll never forget the look of that armored man.
15 I have a vague memory that I joined a cult when I was young, and I have a tattoo shaped like the cult’s symbol on my bicep. I can’t remember anything else about it, and my head hurts when I try to remember it.
16 I was inducted into the Harpers when I was young, and I’ve been spying on the corrupt leaders in my hometown for years.
17 I found a dragon egg in the forest when I was young. I figure it must be a fake, since it’s never hatched over all these years. But I keep it safe and secret anyway.
18 While traveling along the Trade Way, I discovered a book from Candlekeep lying in the mud. No one else could see it, and when I opened it, all the pages were blank (save for the mark of Candlekeep on its inner cover). I’ve kept the book, but have never written in it.
19 I’ve heard the sound of waves crashing in my dreams for the past five years. Recently, they’ve gotten louder, and I can hear a sinister voice quietly speaking in a language I can’t understand underneath the sound of waves.
20 A paladin in the service of the Order of the Gauntlet killed my uncle for worshiping the evil god Bane. To this day, I don’t know if he truly worshiped dark forces or not.


Write down three aspirations or goals you have for your character, and which you want to achieve over the course of the campaign. A prophecy goal should have two parts. First is the goal that your character wants to attain. Second is a sense of what complication might ensue once the goal is met - for good or ill.

One of your prophecy goals should be an immediate goal, one should be long term, and one should be a goal that concludes your character arc at the end of the campaign. You don't have to choose all three goals at the start.

If you're looking for prophecy goals for your character, you can roll on the Prophecy Inspirations table for a random goal and a consequence of that goal. If this goal isn't a perfect fit for your character, you can fine-tune it or roll again to find one that works better.

Prophecy Inspirations
d20 Prophecy
1 I will uncover a deep corruption at the heart of the Lords’ Alliance. However, this will destabilize the alliances that unify the Sword Coast, inviting even greater danger.
2 I will slay a dragon that has terrorized the North for ages, but this will draw the greed of leaders across the land.
3 I will become a member of the Gray Hands, and I will try but fail to join Force Grey.
4 I will be the catalyst that sparks a revolution in Luskan, but it will come at the cost of a close friendship.
5 I will discover the secret to a power that should have remained forgotten within the Warlock’s Crypt. It will allow me to save the life of one I love, but it will force me to make a choice that no mortal should ever have to make.
6 I will gain the opportunity to take down the Xanathar Guild from the inside. The friends I make within this gang of thieves and villains will make it hard for me to decide if I should destroy it after all.
7 I will uncover a tome of lost knowledge from deep in the archives of Candlekeep, but the being that hid that knowledge will learn that I rediscovered it.
8 I will touch the boundary of the Far Realm and gain great power. It will make me feared throughout the land.
9 I will hesitate at a crucial moment. Another person will suffer for it.
10 I will kill a double agent trying to poison the Harpers from within. Later, I will learn information that makes me wonder if this person was actually trying to save the Harpers.
11 I will bring light to the Underdark, but doing so will cost me my life.
12 I will meet Blackstaff Vajra Safahr without realizing her identity. What I say (or don’t say) in that meeting will shape the fate of the Sword Coast.
13 I will encounter a remnant of the departed world of Abeir. Strange dragonborn will start stalking me after that day.
14 I will find a long-lost family member in a dungeon. They will tell me about a terrible destiny I was prophesied to commit.
15 I will steal a vast amount of wealth from the Bregan D’aerthe, but I will make enemies that will haunt me until I die.
16 I will bring a matter of great importance to Open Lord Laeral Silverhand, but someone will conspire to prevent me from speaking to her.
17 I will learn that one of the gods still walks the land as a mortal, and has kept this secret hidden for over 100 years. After learning this, their church will send assassins to silence me.
18 I will find an item that belongs to a legendary figure of the realms such as Elminster, Wulfgar, or Farideh. This item portends this hero’s inauspicious disappearance.
19 I will shelter a mysterious stranger from the coast of the Moonsea. The dark past that follows them will put us both in danger.
20 I will heal the rift between Corellon and Lolth, but in doing so I will unwittingly unleash an even greater evil than Lolth upon the world.